Your Journey

How the Home Mortgage Process Works

  1. You fill out a loan application (available online at any time).

  2. Gather all your required documents and upload them through the web portal.

  3. After you submit your application, your Home Loan Adviser contacts you to review the file and select the best loan program to meet your goals.

  4. With your pre-approval letter in hand, you find the perfect house and get your offer accepted.

  5. Your file is submitted to processing and your appraisal is ordered.

  6. Your file is submitted to underwriting for approval.

  7. We gain our conditional approval from underwriting. Your Home Loan Adviser contacts you for additional information and/or documentation to fulfill final conditions.

  8. Your file is re-submitted to underwriting for our clear to close.

  9. Your loan is scheduled to close at your local title company.

  10. Your purchase is complete! Welcome home!

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